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HILTON YAOUNDE HOTEL OF the 21 AT February 23, 2007



        REPORT/RATIO 1st DAY





          The first day of the General meeting of the Dental surgeons of Cameroun took place on Wednesday February 21, 2007 in Hilton Hôtel of Yaounde.

This one was articulated around the following points:

- 10h55: Arrival and installation of the Representative of the Minister for the Public health , Mr. Secretary General of the Ministry, pr. ANGWAFOR III;

- 11h: Word of introduction of Dr. EFFELA EBB Catherine, Secretary General of the National Order of the Dental surgeons of Cameroun to specify the various interventions relating to the solemn opening of work;

- 11h15: Welcoming speech of Mr. the President about the Dental surgeons, Dieudonné Dr. HONEYCOMB;

After having to thank the Secretary General for the Ministry for the Public health to have moved, Dr. HONEYCOMB made a summary assessment 02 years former with in preamble the history of the birth about the Dental surgeons of Cameroun in 1984 with like 1st President of the Order, Dr. NOCKA.

Then the President of the Order thanked the supervision to have granted for the first time, this year, with the Order of the Dental surgeons a financial subsidy. Finally a brief presentation of a directory of the dental surgeons was made.

- A 11h40: The word was given to Mr. the Representative of the Minister for Health, pr. ANGWAFOR III, Secrétaire General of the Ministry for the Public health . This one congratulated the leaving Office and insisted on the actions of the supervision near the order for example the assumption of responsibility of a delegation of 04 Dental surgeons, to attend the congress of the FDI in Nairobi in Kenya. By wishing that work proceed under good conditions, Mr. Secretary General of the Ministry declared the opening solemn of this General meeting.

- A 11h55: The Secretary-general of the ONCD took again the word to present at pr. ANGWAFOR III, the members of the outgoing office.

- A 12h: End of the 1st protocolar part then visit of the stands guided by Madam the Vice president about the dental surgeons, Dr. NGOUBEYOU NGOULLA Sylvie followed by a cocktail of opening.

- A 12h30: Pauses free lunch.




Work begins with 13h50 and is articulated around the following points:


has) Reading of the assessment of the activities of the Secretariat General by Dr. FRAYED EBB. Catherine, Secretary General about the dental surgeons,

b) Reading of the balance sheet by the treasurer, Dr. SWEPT KWEDI Charles,

c) Word with the auditor: Dr. MASSO Myriam

D) Final discharge?

E) Round table with the insurers

F) Inscription of the candidates compared to the various stations with being able within the office of the Order and the national Council of the order.


                     has) Reading of the assessment of the activities of the secretariat general


The Secretary-general, Dr. FRAYED EBB Catherine, made a summary of the activities and resolutions which had been taken during the last General meeting, that of the November 11, 2004.

                             The following resolutions had been adopted:

- The creation of a case of solidarity with like annual contribution a sum of 20.000 frank CFA/confrère. This case was to allow:

· In the event of the death of a member, the handing-over of an envelope of 1.000.000 frank CFA to the endeuillée family;

· In the event of the death of the spouse of a member, the handing-over of an envelope of 500.000 frank with the member;

· In the event of the death of the relative of a member, the handing-over of an envelope of 300.000 frank with the member;

· In the event of the death of a child of a member, the handing-over of an envelope of 500.000 frank with the member.

Compared to this heading Dr. FRAYED regretted the fact that the contributions did not follow, certain fellow-members being never discharged.


- Reception organized by Honourable BILE BIDJANG in its residence to receive all the fellow-members.


- The wearing of badge to next the General meeting owing to the fact that flights were perpetrated during the Parliament of 2004 by intruders who infiltrated in the room at the time of the day of opening. These badges are always on sale.

- A blow of heart of an amount of 125.000 frank had been carried to the bedside of the bed of hospitalization to our colleague, Dr. ASSOMO Catherine by Dr. FRAYED and NGAPETH.

The Secretary-general specifies that to this end, Dr. ASSOMO had kept 25.000 frank and given 100.000 frank to Dr. FRAYED to regularize his contributions within the order.


                           The activities during year 2005 were as follows:


- From January 2005 to December 2005 there were eight (8) inscriptions of fellow-members to the Order and seven (7) authorizations of exercise as private customers.


- President NIDA had noticed that at the time of the presentation of the wishes to the Minister for Health, all the Orders trade association had offered a gift to the Minister except the Order of the Dental surgeons. For this purpose, in January 2005 the purchase of two gifts, one for the Minister and the other for the Secretary of State, was carried out and given by Dr. FRAYED and MIDOUNGUE with the concerned ones.


- The litigations concerning the two foreign fellow-members of Douala (Dr. ZIEPHEL and Van Der Shurer) persist and of many actions were carried out.


- The Order of the Dental surgeons by his President gave an agreement to the Adventists for the realization of a dental care campaign.


- In August 2005 Dr. MEKOUL ONDOA Armel dies in a tragic way with Garoua. Mobilization of the fellow-members and blow of heart given to the widow our colleague White Dr. MEKOUL, by Dr. MIDOUNGUE Jean.


- In September 2005 Dr. ASSOMO MVOGO Catherine dies of continuation of long disease. A crown and an envelope of 300 000 (Three hundred and thousand) frank CFA was given to the family.


- No AG in 2005 thus not of subsidy of the supervision.


The activities during year 2006 were as follows:


- 08 inscriptions with the Order;

- 04 authorizations including 02 of installations, 01 of associated and 01 of change of site;

- The president of the Order designates Dr. NGAPEYH ETOUNDI Maryvonne like representative near the working group for the honorary distinctions in Cameroun;

- The litigations Van der Shurer continue, like with 02 fellow-members of Congolese nationalities for illegal exercise of the profession;

- January 2006 deaths Dr. ZAMBO;

- In June 2006 our colleague Dr. MASSO loses her dad;

- In November 2006, the Order organizes two meetings, one in Douala with the Dental surgeons of Douala and the other in Yaounde with the fellow-members of Yaounde.


             The activities during year 2007 were as follows:


- 01 inscription with the Order;

- 01 change of site;

- Advertisement of the death of the baby of a colleague,

- Advertisement of the death of the dad of Dr. OBAM ENAM,

- Advertisement of the death of the dad of Dr. NGOA BENT;


Following this talk of the Secretary General, further information was brought by the President of the Order, Dr. HONEYCOMB as follows:


- The goal of the meeting organized with the fellow-members of the 2 cities was to inform those Ci compared to AG whose dates were always modified by the supervision;


- Litigations:

1 - compared to the case of solidarity:


In spite of the fact that fellow-members ASSOMO and ZAMBO are not regulates some at the time of their death, their respective families being very stripped, the Order estimated that an exception could be made to allow a worthy burial our two fellow-members: thus an envelope of 300 000 (Three hundred and thousand) frank CFA had been given to the family of Dr. ASSOMO MVOGO and an envelope of 200 000 (Two hundred and thousand) frank CFA with the family of Dr. ZAMBO;


In October, the family of Dr. MENO informs the Order compared to the funeral organized in her memory. Thus a sum of 200 000 (Two hundred and thousand) frank CFA is used for purchase of drink and displacement of the fellow-members;


The colleague who lost her baby having been up to date, it will profit from sound



Dr. OBAM ENAM forever cotized in the case thus it did not receive

of envelope when its Dad is deceased.


2 - compared to AD Luchem: this Foundation recruits fellow-members without knowing their situation within the Order.


3 - Compared to Baptist Center: it is the recruitment of the fellow-members without referring to the Order to have their situation (inscription…)


4 - Compared to the Adventists: they want to recruit Americans whereas Cameronian fellow-members are unemployed.


5 - Compared to publicity: it is formally interdict to do it. We do not have the right as a professional of health.


6 - Compared to the problem at the Central Hospital of Yaounde where the Dental Head of Department of the Minister finds himself with having to exert his art per week once and not four times as before by simple decision of the Head of Dental Department of the Central Hospital.


- The efficient work made by the Order:


        1-introduction of the dental shutter disease bucco into the strategy sectoral of health;

        2 - a convention was signed with the CNLS and

        3 it designation of a focal point, Dr. NGOUBEYOU NGOULLA Sylvie was effective and this focal point       

         4 - a financing for the realization of workshops of formation was obtained by the focal point.

It is on this various further information that the word was passed to Dr. SWEPT RWEDI the treasurer.


                              b) Reading of the assessment of the activities of the treasurer


The treasurer makes an assessment since last AG of 2004 by specifying that there are two cases: in Yaounde and the other in Douala







1 645 000

1 103 125

582 575


6 359 589

3 207 400

3 694 769

(Bank and species)


After the presentation of the aforesaid assessment, the principal made remark related to the presentation and the assistance required that in the future it would be desirable that the treasurer has his results in the form of table with the entries, the exits, the forecasts. It does not need to make the detail of the expenditure in assembly, the auditor during the auditing of accounts will control all that.


                                                           Interventions of fellow-members


- Dr. MENDOMO Elise specified that the administrative offices did not give right of office to hospital functions;


- Dr. MIDOUNGUE explains that the problem that it has with the head of department

at the Central Hospital, Dr. MVONDO Melanie is a problem of anybody and

not of responsibility;


- Dr. FUCKED raises the problem of the distant fellow-members who are not well-informed often in time of information.

For this purpose, a proposal for a creation of a Web site and the opening of an electronic box for the Order of the Dental surgeons would solve the problem of vehicle of information. Thus the following co-ordinates were retained:


- oncd_cndc@yahoo.fr;



A presentation of the fellow-members present followed this debate.


- Dr. NGAPETH-ETOUNDI speaks to specify and explain what it is necessary to do to obtain an honorary distinction: to fill a request and to prepare to buy the aforementioned distinction if the step would be favorable.


                                c) Word with the auditor


Dr. MASSO Myriam, while raising it also that the presentation was not well made, gave the final discharge to the treasurer.


                                D) Final discharge

From the statements of the auditor, the Parliament General gave final discharge to the outgoing office.


                                    E) Announce inscriptions of the candidates at the stations within the office of the order and CNO


The President of the Assemblies speaks to announce the inscription of the candidatures for the various stations within the office and of the National Council of the Order.


A debate compared to the conditions of voters was open. After reading of the article ................ of the code of ethics, this reveals that to be able to vote it is necessary to be in rule compared to its contributions.


                           F) Round table with the insurers


On the 06 contacted insurers, 02 answered the invitation of the Order::

- M. Thierry KEPEDEN, Directeur CENTERED Yaounde Agency;

- Mrs. Elisabeth ESSONO, Directeur ACTIVATED Yaounde agency.


To sensitize the insurers present compared to the acts which are not often codified and compared to incomprehension which can exist between the dental surgeons and them, the President of the Order, Dr. HONEYCOMB presented some provisions relating to pathologies parodontales, carieuses…


Then problems were raised by the fellow-members in particular:

- the fact that certain counter-evaluations of the dentists are made by doctors;

- the fact that sometimes the fellow-members find judge and left, because sometimes those which counter-evaluation are sometimes also looking after them;

- the fact that certain insurance companies do not refund descaling;

- the existence of approved dentist's surgeries;

- the fact that certain fellow-members his council for long periods;

- the problem of the key letter which sometimes is very low what always reduces the amount of the invoices pro formats emitted by the expert, with the result that after the passage in counter-evaluation, the invoice is re-examined with the fall and the patient believes that it is the expert who is expensive.

The word is given to the representative of CENTERED who explains this:

- with regard to CENTERED, the counter-evaluation dental are realized by dental surgeons, which is valid for other medical pathologies (ophtalmo, surgery….);

- it is day before in general that the dentists councils are not also dentists approved by CENTERED;

- CENTERED refunds descalings;

- CENTERED refunds all the invoices coming from dentist's surgeries. On the other hand when the patient goes in an approved cabinet, it does not spend a penny, it is the insurance which refunds, on the other hand when the patient moves in a cabinet not approved, it pays its invoice then is refunds later on by the insurance. And to be approved, it is necessary to make a request near the insurance company.

- The problem of the key letter is in connection with the type of contract of insurance which the policy-holder subscribes.


The word is given to the representative of ACTIVATED who argues in the same direction that his/her colleague of CENTERED and who is sorry that the other insurance company are not present, but reassures that with regard to the counter-evaluation of ACTIVATED, they are given between the hands of dental surgeons. Then it gave the criteria of recruitments of the fellow-members near their structures: to be a dental surgeon entered with the order, having a dentist's surgery.


Proposals of fellow-members near the insurers:

- to re-examine the amount of the key letter by a revision with the rise for the key letter in lower part of 1200frs;

- to check that the fellow-members who carry out counter-evaluations are not a judge and left;

- to refer to the directory of the dentists which will be given to you before approving a cabinet or a fellow-member.

It is on these recommendations that work of the first day ended with in fence, a cooktail.